Pocket Bite is an easy to understand and quick to learn, storytelling, multiplayer role-playing game (RPG). Unlike other games, the heart of an RPG lives in the imagination of the storytellers and depends highly on the combination of each player's unique personality to bring a story to life. For the sake of more enjoyable storytelling, Pocket Bite forgoes much of the granularity most RPG rule-sets have to create an experience that is quick to start and easy to play for just about anyone.


Beginning a campaign involves one person acting as the Game Master (GM) while one or more other people play individual characters. It is the GM's role to create a fictional world for the other players to inhabit as the characters they have created. During a campaign, while not completely necessary, there is a common objective the characters will want to pursue. It is up to the GM to stand in as the non-player characters (NPC) and describe the settings and obstacles the character's interact with along the way.

Everything you need to start playing Pocket Bite is here on this site from the game rules to a library of pre-created items, spells, characters, and so on that you can use in your campaigns and while creating characters. To begin, use the tabs at the top of the page or click the arrows below to navigate between sections. Once you have an understanding for the rules, grab some companions and begin your adventure!